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Team 7 Blog 


 week commencing 29th JANUARY 2018

This week team 7 have been writing balanced discussion texts about Romulus and Remus. In maths we have been solving multiplication and division calculations. During our history lessons we have looked at what made the Roman army so effective and we have designed Roman inspired shields in D&T.


 week commencing 11th december 2017

We’ve had an action packed and Christmas filled two weeks! We put on a spectacular performance for our Nativity at Queen Street Church. A massive thank you to all the support we had from parents.
We’re also very proud of our Christmas tree and the decorations we have made.
The work hasn’t stopped! We’ve written some fabulous letters to Santa in Writing, multiplied by 4 and 8 in Maths and explored opaque, translucent and transparent objects in Science.


 week commencing 20th november 2017

What a week in Team 7! In maths, we have been learning how to use the bar method to solve tricky number problems. We’ve got quite good at them. We’ve really enjoyed Science this week as we have been exploring how mirrors work. We especially liked completing the ‘Mirror Maze’! Our hats are starting to take shape in DT and they are ready for sewing.  




week commencing 13th november 2017

We have had another great week in Team 7. We’re preparing our designs for our own magical wizard hats in Design Technology. We have been exploring reflective materials in Science and we enjoyed using the torches to test them! In writing, we took a virtual tip to Whitby Abbey. We even saw Dracula. Our writing this week was fantastic!



week commencing 6th november 2017

Team 7 have had a great week. We really enjoyed writing day. We used our senses to explore Bonfire Night. We even got to taste some bonfire food! Then, we used our ideas to write poems. We were respectful during our school elections and listened to everyone carefully. We were very proud of everyone!




week commencing 30th october 2017

This week in Team 7, we have been learning how to write suspense stories. We enjoyed retelling 'The Nightmare Man' this week in Talk for Writing. Inspired by the story, we created spooky charcoal silhouettes. We are very proud of them!



week commencing 16th october 2017

This week we have been imagining a peaceful world. We researched ‘good neighbours’ around the world. We particularly enjoyed being ‘good neighbours’ by giving out chocolate!
We also listened to Imagine by John Lennon and read the lyrics in reading. This inspired us to make our ‘peaceful world’ art using pencils, pastels and paints.
In maths, we are using our knowledge of methods and strategies to subtract numbers mentally. Some of us have been teaching the class!



week commencing 9th october 2017

We have had a magical week in Team 7. To start the week, we made ‘magical’ potions using lots of gruesome ingredients! Then, we spent the week writing instructions about them.

In science, we used our knowledge of magnets to make compasses.

Don’t be frightened of our ‘Moving Monsters’ we made in DT. We had so much fun making them!




week commencing 2nd october 2017

This week in Team 7 we have been working hard in maths by exploring different methods to add numbers. We have been learning instructions using T4W.
We also travelled back in time to 1612 to the Pendle Witch Trials and explored how to stay safe online.